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Category Archives: Photos

Vincent Ferrane / Havana Cultura

Yoan Capote, Open Mind

A model of the human brain, to be realised as a ‘maze’ in a public space in Havana


Wilfredo Prieto

Wilfredo Prieto, Una Luz a lo Lejos (A Star in the Sky)

The artist put a star in the sky of Havana as his piece for the Havana Biennial.


Rene Francisco

Rene Francisco, Intercambio Buena Vista


Rene Francisco

Rene Francisco, Agua Benita


Alexandre Arrechea

Alexandre Arrechea, La Habitacion de Todos, 2009

A stainless steel reproduction of a house which the artist adjusts daily to the ‘rhythm’ of the economic fluctuations of the Dow Jones Industrial Average

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