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Finally, Athens has a new and beautiful structure located near the ancient Acropolis to showcase the remains of this Greek monument.  Conceived in the year 2000 after many decades of previous museums being realized since 1865 ,the project was finally awarded tender to Bernard Tschumi Architects. This new museum is now a showcase to highlight the treasures of the ancient past. The museum has a total area of 25,000 metres, 14,000 of which are exhibition space. Glass, concrete and marble feature in this graceful edifice which houses sculptures, caryatids, and friezes where natural light showcases the marvels of the works.

Pilotes stand over original excavations and glass flooring allows visitors glimpses into this archaic past. Several levels allow for an even flow into exhibition spaces, an auditorium, and galleries. Five major collections are housed within the structure including relics from the Acropolis Slopes, the Archaic Period and the Parthenon. The museum is located 300 metres from the Acropolis and two kilometers from the city centre of Athens.

This new and modern edifice serves as a triumphal return to Greece’s roots and a fitting home for the hopeful return of the Elgin marbles from Britain.



Images courtesy of Bernard Tschumi Architects


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