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Monthly Archives: July 2009

A voice said, Look me in the stars

And tell me truly, men of earth,

If all the soul-and-body scars

Were not too much to pay for birth.

Robert Frost

This Italian artist has come to prominence in Toronto with his installation in the Galleria Italia at the Art Gallery of Ontario.  Born in Garessio, Italy he was part of the Arte Povera movement of the 60’s whose artists utilized simple, everyday found objects to fashion new and novel forms of art.  Penone has an affinity for nature and utilizes nature in his work to bring forth stunning and emotional sculptures from wood, leather, resin and stone.  His organic sensibility brings out the essential “nature” of the object and reveals to the viewer the essence of the world around us.

“My artwork shows, with the language of sculpture, the essence of matter and tries to reveal with the work, the hidden life within.”

The Hidden Life Within
The Hidden Life Within


Two Bobbies Snogging

Two Bobbies Snogging